Sapiens Education  

  Elliot Wilson, born in the US, raised in England, and trained in the art of reporting in China, Germany, Russia and India, is a cross between Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lowell Thomas, and William Boot. He travels widely and on occasion wildly, interviewing heads of state and finance ministers, Nobel winners and dollar-driven investment bankers, and taking in the deserts of Central Asia, the jungles of Indochina, and the tropical weirdness of tiny island states. He travels economy, but only because he can't afford anything better, adhering to the old peripatetic principle that to travel hopefully is better than to arrive. He has been kidnapped in Kazakhstan, slapped by a gorilla in the Congo, and when not travelling or suffering from jet lag, he can be mostly be found in Switzerland atop a bike or walking the dog.

:::::New Book::::

Title: The Sanction Machine


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